Quebec Tour Part 2

I am continuing my Quebec tour, today I am going to look into ‘Issue rating’ which is available on Issue Triage table(sn_grc_advanced_issue_triage). here is how i am going to use it:

let’s imagine this : My Issue management team want to be able to rate Issues on scale of 5, from very high to very low, the team also wants the Issue Due date to be populated based on the Issue rating.

Issue RatingTime frame
Very High2
Very Low10
Issue Rating

I am going to navigate to Issue Triage > Administration > Issue Rating

I update Remediation timeframe field to be align to Time frame column in table above ‘Issue Rating’

Now, i need to test to see whether issue due date is updated based on new Remediation timeframe so I navigate to Issue Triage > All Triage Issue and i am going to pick up a random record, then i update issue rating for one of my Issue Triage record . I can see it works as intended

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