How to create a scripted indicator?

As part of the GRC implementation, organization ABC implements a bunch of control. All of them obviously need to be continuously monitored. The team uses indicators to constantly monitor all of the ABC controls.

During implementation, the GRC team noticed that it is challenging to use the basic indicator type to monitor all control, especially control 123.

So what is the deal with control 123?

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Clean Implementation

We can learn so many things from software development and architecture principles. In software development, writing clean code is crucial; if you are a software developer, you would 100% appreciate the importance of clean code.

You might argue that the word ‘clean’ is a bit arbitrary here and what makes a code clean? Another thing you might say is that ServiceNow is a kind of low-code or no-code platform, so how is this applicable?
Let us look at the tenets of clean code and see how we can apply this to our ServiceNow implementation.

Tenets of Clean Implementation
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