Quebec Tour Part 1

This is my first trip to Quebec and I am excited to start of with ITSM.

Service Desk Call

First thing you notice in Quebec( If you enter from ITSM gate) that Service Desk Call (com.snc.service_desk_call) plugin is deprecated . Service Desk and New Calls are replaced completely by Interaction and Work space.

Now, when your call centre or service desk receive a call, the agent should log this call as interaction record and from there, the agent can create the respective record, whether it’s Incident, HR Case or universal request the interaction

Problem Management

ServiceNow has introduced a new business rule that moves problem record state from new state to assess state If all required fields are populated. a very handy feature, it saves us from writing a custom business rule!

it is also worth mention not invest in Structured Problem Analysis any as it planned for deprecation in a future release

ITSM Agent workspace

In Quebec, ITSM agents can easily use add and remove UI actions on the following related lists

  • Affected CI
  • Outages
  • Child Incidents
  • Impacted CIs
  • Service Offerings
  • Affected Locations

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