Escalation Rules

When you are in almost any HR project, you got asked this question – How i can escalate HR cases? if you are new to human resource service delivery, you would think about this requirement in terms of SLA, but in HRSD, escalation doesn’t mean the same thing!

In HRSD, escalation process is to assign HR cases to HR agents with the appropriate skills.

How to set up escalation rules?

Navigate to HR Administration >> Manage Role>> Escalation Rules

Click New to create new HR tier escalation

From Escalate from, click the reference field and select an HR group. This group should contain HR agents that have fewer skills than the next group.

From Escalate to, click the reference field and select an existing group. This group contains HR agents that have more skills than the previous group.

Navigate to HR Administration Manage Roles Escalation Rules

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Escalation Rules Module step 1


HR Tier Escalat 
Escalate fn 
Escalate from 
HR Tier 2 
HR Tier 1

Click New step 2

HR 1 E«alatön 

Populate escalation from and escalation to

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