IA & ServiceNow

ServiceNow is not only your system of record OR system of Engagement, ServiceNow can be one of your main asset in your journey toward intelligent automation.

I don’t think about ServiceNow engagement as just a project. I think about ServiceNow engagement as a chance for my customer to intelligently automate their process and digitally transform their organisation .

What is IA(Intelligent Automation) ?

There so many definitions for IA. I really like this: IA is the of concept leveraging a new generation of software-based automation.it combines methods and technologies to execute business process automatically on behalf of knowledge worker.

ServiceNow as platform contains so many elements that IA needs in order to deliver the promise of hyper automation that would eliminate mundane & repetitive activities that knowledge workers do everyday and let knowledge workers more on creative tasks.

What are those elements?

  • Smart workflow built that can automate business process easily
  • Low code engine
  • Chat bot
  • Intelligent engine to route work
  • Machine Learning
  • Visualization & Reporting

Obviously, ServiceNow is not the only tool that organisations need for IA, what I am trying to say is ServiceNow is should be one of the pillar and a very important one.

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