ServiceNow® Knowledge Management

I was reading a book about effective ITSM, there was part in the book talking about how many knowledge management initiatives fail to address the people, cultural and procedural elements also how some organisations think about knowledge management as FAQs.

as we all know that knowledge management is much more than FAQs! it is the systematic identification, capture, dissemination and use of information for the benefits of your organisation.

ServiceNow actually makes it easy to implement effective knowledge management that enables organization to addresses the main objectives of knowledge management.

so what are the objectives of knowledge management?

One of the objectives of implementing KM is to prevent organization knowledge Loss when an employee leave the business. Nowadays employee turnover is a fact of business life and it is critical  to capture all information that can potentially help the business.

ServiceNow can enables organization to do that by generates from ticket a knowledge article which contains the ticket info includes additional comments added to a ticket.

Another objectives of implementing KM is to provide quick and easy access to information that assist with the resolution of incidents/case.By leveraging knowledge and experience of the entire organisation, front line agents should be capable of improving their first time, also organisation can reduce the number of tickets raised by providing step by step guide for user to help themselves if it’s an easy one.

ServiceNow provides access to knowledge base via service portal search with auto correction capability.also it provides auto search while writing about the issue.


1- End user needs to know how to restart his new iPhone, so he decides to visit the company service portal, and type in “how to restart iphone” and hit Enter as result he got step by step guide on how to restart iphone.

2-another End user decide to go ahead directly to the service catalog and create an incident, while writing about the problem he found a relevant knowledge article showing step by step guide on how to do that.

3-last one, an end user raises incident, the incident got assigned to Service Desk agent. the agent hit related search so the related article appears which includes step by step guide to how to restart iphone. the agent attachs the article to the incident so caller can see the article .

in example 1 and 2 what we effectively did, we prevent end user from raising incident and enable them to help themselves.

in example 3, Service desk agent found a related article which effectively a guide on how to restart an iphone.

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