Convert date to UNIX time stamp

lets start off with getting to know what is Unix time stamp.
UNIX time stamp is a way to track time in seconds, the tracking start from 01-01-1970.
in ServiceNow,sometimes we are in need for this kind of format especially in integration tasks . the function below would make it easy to convert glide date to UNIX time stamp 🙂
function ConvertToUnix(passdate){
// Import Java Date Class
var Date =;
//get glide date object
var gdt =passdate.getGlideObject();
// create instance from date object . pass date as milliseconds . getNumericValue() would do the job
var date = new Date(gdt.getNumericValue());
// getTime converts date to unix time stamp
var diff = date.getTime();
// return unix time stamp
return diff;

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